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Class Action Lawsuit Against Kimberly-Clark Corporation Alleges that Huggies Diapers Contain Unsafe Substance Causing Chemical Burns



New York Attorney C.K. Lee and the Lee Litigation Group have filed a federal class action complaint bringing consumer fraud and personal injury claims against the Kimberly-Clark Corporation, the manufacturer of Huggies diapers and a wide range of other hygiene products. The named plaintiffs—four parents along with their minor children—allege that Huggies diapers caused severe chemical burns to their infants, which in one case involved a life-threatening ulcer. The complaint was lodged in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas, where Kimberly-Clark is headquartered, but the plaintiffs hail from four different states and seek to represent a nationwide class of consumers defrauded by Kimberly-Clark.

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The Allegations

As detailed in the class action complaint, concerns about the safety of Huggies diapers have been proliferating for years. Kimberly-Clark’s response to parents’ concerns about the safety of Huggies has always been to dismiss these as about run-of-the-mill diaper rashes. The company has stated, “We can assure you our Huggies products can’t cause a chemical burn because they’re made of materials which do not create any chemical reaction, nor will they react with stool and urine.”

Relying on the insider knowledge of a whistleblower, former Kimberly-Clark quality assurance specialist Frank Fritz Kromenaker, the class action complaint alleges that these assurances are a bald-faced lie. Mr. Kromenaker explains that Huggies diapers rely on a proprietary chemical known as Ahcovel, which reacts with an infant’s urine to make it absorbable by the diaper. Ahcovel is a known skin irritant that can cause serious injury when present in sufficient quantities. Mr. Kromenaker alleges that Kimberly-Clark fails to rigorously inspect and maintain the machinery that dispenses Ahcovel on Huggies diapers, frequently causing excessive amounts to be dispensed. The complaint alleges that the disproportionate number of serious injuries reported by parents using Huggies is the result of Kimberly-Clark’s persistent negligence on this front.

The complaint includes records showing that Kimberly-Clark was aware of both Ahcovel’s potential dangers and its own failure to properly regulate how much of it is dispensed on its products.

To learn more about the lawsuit, contact C.K. Lee, Esq., at the following details or use the contact form below. 

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